Product Designer Main app Onboarding, Fiat, and NFT experiences
Jun 2022 - Present
Over the course of 14 months at, I now own three distinct experiences across’s primary consumer app. In this time I shipped the entire NFT marketplace, enhanced the onboarding experience, and am currently improving the global Fiat On/Off Ramp UX.
All work is under NDA. Kindly reach out for more information.
My Impact
1. Shipped the end-to-end NFT marketplace to’s app
Collaborating cross-functionally with Product, Data, Design, Research and Engineering I was able to bring a native mobile marketplace experience to’s global user base.
2. Improved user acquisition funnel
Coupled with competitive research and evaluative research, I redesigned the app’s onboarding experience that saw between 5-8% increase in KYC submissions (a significantly lengthy procedure) which also resulted in an increase in new users’ first crypto purchases.
3. Improved Fiat clarity and experiences
Leveraging identified pain points and confusion and CS tickets, I redesigned the global end-to-end Fiat wallet experience, increasing the clarity and simplicity for users who want to purchase Crypto with, and withdraw Fiat.
1. “Fail early, fail often, fail forward”
Being unafraid of failure has been critical during my time at Often times I’ve not had the luxury to go through the entire design thinking process and having answers as guard rails. As a result I’ve learned to be scrappy with the information available, testing at a smaller scale and taking a more conservative approach to shipping designs.
2. Juggling stakeholder interests
The conflicts that I typically experience involve business and engineering. Through this process, I have learned the vital skill of knowing when and when not to take a stronger stance. This has helped me maintain a healthy working relationship that maintains pace of delivery across multiple Product Managers and Developer teams.
3. Managing priorities across different products
While being the sole designer for key experiences has granted me knowledge and experience in designing B2C mobile experiences, it has made managing priorities incredibly important. I have grown adept at context switching, learned to scope projects collaboratively and work in a fast-paced environment.
Other work
UX Designer
UX Researcher